Kingsland Classic Glove RRP £55

I love gloves, and actually can no longer ride without them. If I forget my gloves I genuinely struggle to establish a decent elastic contact as I'm always too busy faffing with my reins, not to mention that I will always end up with blisters, especially between my 4th and little fingers. Trust me when I say that the alcohol gel I use at work and blisters ARE NOT the one!!

I am super fussy with my gloves. I cannot abide big bulky gloves at all, you know the ones where you cannot even bend your fingers or the seams are so chunky they almost double your hand size? I have found with both my boys that having a soft and consistent contact is so important and find bulky gloves are a nightmare to maintain this

The Kingsland gloves literally tick every box for me. The materials are the usual high standard I have come to expect from the brand. The fingers of the gloves have a nice soft feel, are flexible without being bulky and fit my hands snugly allowing me to use both single and double reins while maintaining the contact I need with my horses. There’s sections of super stretchy material over the knuckles and other areas that come under higher levels of tension when riding, meaning that without doubt these are the most comfortable gloves I have ever worn for riding. The simple one touch Velcro closure means adjusting the wrist to fit however is comfortable for you is as simple process.

What I am particularly impressed with is how hard wearing they are. I use them every time I ride, using plaited and rubber grip reins and where I have found other gloves quickly wear through these are still going strong months after I bought them. They wash up like new every single time and really don’t show any signs of wear and tear at all. I love them so much I need a white pair for competition!

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