Kingsland Rain Jacket – RRP £38

Working as a groom for a family of event riders, means that I spend my days outside in all weather, and for the last year, every time it has rained, regardless of whether I have been wearing a “Waterproof Jacket” or not, I get soaked! I put water proof jacket in quotes, because even though they say they are waterproof, within an hour of being in the rain, it has soaked through to my skin and I’ve had to ensure that I have at least 2 extra jackets with me to make sure I stay dry!

I wasn’t even aware of the Kingsland Classic transparent Rain Jacket until I became a Brand Ambassador for Equissimo and saw it on the website along with a product review! However Summer was in full swing and there was no rain in sight for the foreseeable future – but knowing that living in England rain would most definitely be on the way at some point, I decided to buy one anyway! Can you imagine how frustrating it was when it arrived, and the rain didn’t! It sat in my car for a month just looking pretty in it’s waterproof casing!

However, I didn’t have to wait much longer to use it, as the rain arrived!! I was super excited to see just how waterproof the jacket was, and I wasn’t disappointed at all! This jacket kept me extremely dry in the heaviest of downpours, it also kept me protected from the wind, and also it kept me beautifully warm on the overcast days where the wind chill was rather high! What more could I want?  On top of all of that, it was comfortable to ride in, and wasn’t too noisey, so that when I was riding there was not rustling to spook Sharp!

This jacket is only £38.00 and comes with complimentary free delivery…. BARGAIN!!

So in Summary:

Is this Jacket Value for money? Absolutely, I have bought plenty of jackets that claim to be waterproof, that cost A LOT more than £38 – This Kingsland Jacket has been tested in various different scenarios over the last month and I can categorically state that it is 100% waterproof – It’s the best £38 I have spent ever!

What’s my favourite thing about this Jacket? -  I would have to say my favourite thing is that it is Lightweight and easy to clean, but it also comes with a fabulous case that is small enough to store in my car, so that I have access to this Jacket whenever the Rain starts, and it can travel with me everywhere out of sight of any passengers!!

Would I recommend this Jacket?Yes Absolutely 1005 I would recommend this Jacket to others – in fact I already have.. I believe every single person who has horses in their life whether as a hobby of work, should have one of these jackets in their car or lorry, so when those heavens open you can be protected from getting a soaking!! 😊

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