Zoë AKA That Sassy Arab is one of our valued Brand Ambassadors. That doesn't mean that she blindly praises our products. Read below for her honest review of the Kingsland Equestrian Classic Rain Jacket that retails with Equissimo for £35.

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The Kingsland Rain Jacket is a must have for anyone!

I gave it a very tough test. I wore it in the rain to stud up, tack up, walk a course and warm up. It kept me ridiculously dry!

Kingsland Equestrian Classic Rain Jacket

Any mud or dirt from studding up simply just wipes off. The whole jacket including the pocket is completely waterproof, to coin an equestrian term it's practically bombproof.

What I can say about it is:

  • it's incredibly lightweight
  • comes in a funky little bag
  • doesn't make you stinky sweaty as it's breathable

Kingsland Equestrian Classic Rain Jacket Equissimo

As it's see through, you can still show off your show jacket or branded wear. It's got elasticated sleeves so they stay in place, the sizes are unisex so my stupidly long gorilla arms actually get covered all the way down to my hands.

The only down side I can see is that if you are warming up in the rain, it doesn't cover you hat/head, but these days a lot of hats are technical or plastic coated so it doesn't really matter.

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