Kingsland Katja Pull on breeches, from £119, available in white, navy and beige

As far as breeches go I usually stick to the brands that I know and love, I like to try on items before buying to get a feel for the material and fit however after dying my dressage breeches pink and not having the time to visit my local tack store I decided to have a browse on Equissimo's website !!

There were a few pairs that looked very nice but the Kingsland Katja's really caught my eye and the description really sold them to me so I decided to place an order and hope for the best.

All I can say is that if you buy these breeches you will not be disappointed. The fit is really amazing and they are the most comfortable breeches that I have ever worn.


On Sunday I competed in the Kingsland breeches for the first time, my old jodhpurs used to dig into my waste and I used to feel a little restricted... However the Kingsland breeches have no buttons or zips making them so much more comfortable.. 

Kingsland Katja pull on breeches white


Not only this the material is really flexible so it was easy to get on and off my horse....


When you have a horse that won't stand still at a show there is nothing worse than feeling like your jodhpurs are restricting your movement when you need to mount quickly !!


On Equissimo's website there is an option to select knee grip or full grip with the Kingsland breeches, I selected the full grip silicone seat which made me feel really secure in the saddle, 

Kingsland Katja Pull On BreechesKingsland Katja Pull On Breeches WhiteKingsland Katja Pull On Breeches White


Trust me... when riding a fiery Welsh section D cob it was an added bonus.

Priced from £119. 


Some may think this is on the expensive side but in terms of quality, fit and value for money I think they are well worth spending that little bit extra,  I couldn't be happier with my new breeches and I would definitely buy another pair !!

Kingsland Katja pull on breeches


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