Kingsland Katja Breeches RRP From £119

I have just started wearing Riding leggings this year, and I must say I love them. So I wanted to get a beige pair to compete in, I had a chat with lovely Equissimo to see what would be the best suited breeches with the requirements I have.

Equissimo suggested the Kingsland Katja E-Tech pull on breeches. So I took a plunge and went for it. I was a little hesitant on the colour before they arrived and the sizing as I haven’t bought any Kingsland Breeches before.

They arrived 2 days later and I fell in love, they were for competitions but I have started to wear them for general riding. The colour is perfect. The fit is spot on. The design is really smart and professional. They are not thin like other riding tights/leggings so will be great for winter as well as summer as I certainly haven’t got hot in them yet!

They come up mid waist which is great as I really don’t like low waist. There is no seam going on the front or inside of leg which I must prefer as this normally digs in for me. And no pockets so you don’t have any lumps or bumps and they are lovely and streamlined. Or have you ever caught your pocket or Zip on the saddle and its scratched – I have, and I wanted to cry – no more worries in these!

They have the perfect amount of grip on the knees too! The first time I wore these was Cross country and I always come back dirty somehow, but these looked like I just put them on. So, I looked into the detail of them and they are water and dust repellent! So you could imagine I was even more delighted with my purchase after reading this.

Kingsland Katja Product Review

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