Kingsland Las Flores Saddlepad RRP £79.00 currently on offer for £59.00

I have always loved Kingsland, they are right up there in my fave brands! So when they released the Las Flores saddle pad I instantly fell head over heels for it. It comes in two gorgeous colourways, navy and rose gold or beige/silver.

Now don’t be put off by the word beige, it really is quite beautiful and in the right light has taken on a blush pink hue and in other lights a lovely golden tint. The rope binding is beautiful and compliments it perfectly, and there is a lovely Kingsland silver tag on the left side, which really does give the saddle pad a premium look and feel. I have had many admiring comments about it and it absolutely matches my tech stirrups Aphrodite perfectly!

This saddle pad comes with coolmax technology, so it is designed to keep your horse cool underneath, and I have put this to the test many times. The underneath of the pad is made from a wicking material, designed to take the sweat away from your horse, and many times after schooling I find that while Rolo has got hot and sweaty the pad has wicked the sweat away and he is not as damp as he would have been using other pads. This does mean the pad needs washing maybe more than other cheaper brands but I just chuck mine in the wash on a 30 and it keeps coming back as good as new.

The saddle pad comes with matching ears for both colour ways and really does look super smart. They come in dressage and jump fit and look perfect with both black and brown tack. The navy pad matches the rose gold tech stirrups perfectly so if matchy matchy is your thing then this will take that to a whole new level!

Kingsland Las Flores Saddlepad

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