Over the past few weeks I have been putting the Kingsland Maya front & Molly back boots through their paces. I’ve used them on four different horses; one who has sensitive white legs, one who likes to trip over his own feet & two fairly straight forwards horses. 

To sum them up briefly these boots are perfect for everyday use; they are tough, offer excellent protection & wash very easily. 

I have always been a massive fan of faux sheepskin as it protects sensitive legs from sweat, dirt & rubbing. The faux sheepskin also adds another layer of shock absorbing protection than a boot without it offers. If you’re worried your horses legs will over heat under these boots due to the fluff quite simply it won’t. When I compared these boots to brushing boots without a lining the leg was much drier and cooler as the sweat had been absorbed into the sheepskin & due to the thickness of it the lining remained quite dry. 

Faux sheepskin can be washed and dried easily, the faux leather outer of the boot is also very easy to maintain.  I sponge off the outer boot after every use & every couple of weeks soak the sheepskin in warm water with a small amount of shampoo. 

As well as being great protection & comfort for the horses these boots look stunning! I use them for hacking & schooling on the flat. They do not restrict movement at all & I am confident my horses legs are well protected. 

I pair these boots up with my gorgeous Kentucky Horsewear colour edition saddle pad & my ponies look very very smart. I love these boots for every day use & highly recommend them for anyone who has a horse with sensitive legs as well as non sensitive horses. 

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