Magic Brush RRP from £8

Lets start by saying I have 7 of these brushes scattered everywhere, from two in each stable (oneextra-large and one normal size), two in my show grooming kit, and finally one at home for my dog.

Now I didn’t realise this until writing up a review on the latest one to my collection, so I think this sums up if they are good or not.

So where do I start, you may just think there another brush to add to your grooming kit, or you have enough brushes you don’t need another. Well let’s say they don’t have the title “magic” for no reason.

They have many functions. They are great to get rid of mud of horses, the mud brushes off so effortless, I also use this to get rid of poo stains, a bit of elbow grease and the stains disappear – imagine the results if you used the brush and a stain remover spray too!

Saying this they are amazing for washing horses, if you have a grey or a light-coloured horse, use this with the shampoo to scrub the horse clean and you will be surprised with the difference of how clean your horse will become than just using your hand or a rubber curry comb like I once used to do.

What they are really great for is when they are changing coats and hair is coming out in chunks, this is a nice easy way to help the process.

They wash up lovely if you soak them in warm water and the hairs come out easy if you scrap across the top of stable door or another corner like this.

As mentioned I have two sizes, the normal size which you can get I a value pack of 3, and a large one which is good if you have a big horse or a big belly to brush.

You can also get a soft version too if your horse has sensitive skin. With a variety of vibrant colours to choose from

So if you haven’t got one yet or yours are getting a bit old get yours now.

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