Magic Brush RRP from £8

Well, what can I say about the amazing Magic brush; they are totally awesome that’s what!

There is nothing you can’t use these handy little brushes for and if you haven’t already got one (or several) in your kit you need to get some today!

  • Removes mud and dirt
  • Removes sweat
  • Cleans hooves
  • Massages
  • Great for moulting coats
  • Great for using when bathing
  • Great for cleaning hairs off saddle cloths and clothes

So your horse has come in muddy from the field? No problem, the magic brush removes mud and dirt easily with its magic bristles. It’s also great at removing those stubborn sweat marks and in Aurora’s case removing the poo that she always lies in when in her stable!! It even gets through her thick mane and tail.

Aurora loves it when I give her a good groom with the magic brush as it massages whilst you brush, she particularly loves it when I use it really fast up and down her itchy spots!

It’s also great when you are bathing to really get the shampoo into the coat and get those stains out. I put the shampoo onto the brush and onto a wet horse so it builds up a great lather.

That dreaded time of year when they start mounting is also easy with the magic brush as a thorough brush really brings the coat out in no time.

My other brush is used for cleaning hairs off mine and Auroras gear – I use it to get the hairs off her saddle cloths and rugs (before they go in my washing machine!!) and to get the hairs and hay off me before I leave the yard (especially if I am going somewhere after!)

They come in a huge range of colours and designs so there is something to suit everyone, I like to have a few in different colours for different jobs!

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