Magic Brush – RRP from £8

With a horse like Sharp who adores mud and covering himself ears to hoof in the fantastic clay mud that we have in our neck of the woods, the Magic brush has been a lifesaver! We are taught that a Dandy brush followed by a body brush removes all the caked on mud whilst grooming… I have never really found this to be the case, not even in the 9 years of owning Sharp… Not only would it take forever to get the sticky dried on clay off his coat, but I would usually find that you couldn’t get it all off in one go.

Enter the Magic Brush, which I now cannot live without in my grooming box. With a fantastic shape to it, that allows you to hold it comfortably in your hand, and bristles that are hard but flexible, that not only get the mud off the coat easily, but also give your horse a massage as you brush. Sharp is super sensitive when grooming, especially around his belly and hips. With most other brushes he tends to lift his hind leg and threaten to kick when attempting to groom his sensitive areas, however with the Magic Brush you don’t have to press so hard, and it still lifts the mud and grease out of the coat, so I am able to get him groomed and clean without having to dance around to avoid his threats – Result!

But that’s not all these brushes are useful for…. Are you getting annoyed with all the horse hairs that build up on your numnah, boots or clothes? Do you find it hard to remove all the hairs before you put it in the washing machine, and even once washed, you still find hairs there? Well with a Magic Brush, you can also use it on the back of your numnah, clothes or boots to remove the hairs quickly and efficiently! This brush truly is MAGIC!!

Is this brush worth the money – Yes 100% it is, I will never not have one in my grooming kit, and am now looking at all the different colours to see which ones I will stock up on!

Would I recommend the Magic Brush to others? Yes absolutely! I don’t think any horse owner should be without one!!

My favourite thing about the Magic Brush? It’s versatility for use.. whether it’s to get mud off, Lather up and scrub your horse with Shampoo whilst bathing them, or to remove pesky hairs from numnahs – this brush does the job quickly! Poof it’s just like Magic 😉

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