I was desperate for a new Turnout rug for Bailey – although mine was perfectly useable it was now old – When I say old, I’m talking 15 years old. It has been such a long time I have bought a turnout rug I really had no idea what brand to go without paying a fortune the price ranges for rugs are £40-400!  I have had Mark Todd rugs in the past but Bailey out grew them, and he grown into my old horses’ rugs, I didn’t have the need to buy any which was perfect for me at the time as saved me lots of money, but it has got me out of the game to buy new rugs, as some brands really are not like they use to be 15 years ago!

I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a Rug and I didn’t have any brands in mind, I started looking to see what other horses was wearing, and moved onto the Mark Todd, which now I have I think the Mark Todd rug is very under-priced. It is made superbly with every feature thought of. At £85 for the rug and an extra £32 for the neck you can’t go wrong, this will be my first winter using it, but a second year for a couple of my friend’s horses so I know they will certainly last.

The size is true to size, I got the rug without a neck as this year I really wanted to try winter without a neck. They have a good ripstop fabric which is perfect when my boys play fight nonstop or I would go through rugs daily!

Its also great if you love rugs to match as you can get it in lightweight, heavy weight aswell as this Medium weight in the same style and design, just a slightly different check line for each weight.

If you prefer a combo rug which has the neck attached – they have even though of this and make these too.

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