The MIASUKI Bobbie Socks are by far the best riding socks on the market.

I have tried a ALOT of socks and none quite cut the mustard! The ones that are warm and prevent rubbing are usually way too thick for me to be able to get the zip up on my boots!

Miasuki Bobbie Cobolt Blue socks review

So I’m stuck with using those thin enough to get that zip up, but end up causing hotspots and cold toes! After rushing around all morning at a show, tacking up, walking the course (and maybe a quick walk to the café for some cheesy chips!) the last thing you want to do is put your heels down in the saddle and feel the sheer pain as your gorgeous riding boots that you’ve been walking round in all morning hit on sensitive hotspots on your ankle and this is FINALLY a sock that stops all that!

They prevent ankle rubs but are still thin enough for those of us that don’t quite have much room left to get that dreaded zip up on our boots. It is definitely a game changer for me and they are the ONLY socks I will wear for a long show day!

And finally.. They don’t shrink in the wash! How many pairs of long socks have you washed, and they’ve came out looking like trainer socks? These look just as good as new, wash after wash!!

Miasuki Bobbie socks are available in Amarone and Colbolt blue. RRP £32

Miasuki Bobbie Socks Cobolt blue

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