Montar Amber sweatshirt RRP £59.00

I have already lost count of the amount of times I have worn this jumper. I have worn it for both going out – because why wouldn’t you? It sparkles! And I’ve worn it for riding (don’t worry have washed it in-between) I can say hand on heart this is one of the softest jumpers I have worn, it’s got this beautiful fleece like inside that makes you feel instantly cosier, it’s what I imagine it would be like to hug a real life teddy bear!

It is made from 100% cotton so feels lovely against your skin but also helps to keep you warm as well as being breathable if you get too hot whilst riding. The design of the jumper is great, it has elasticated cuffs, waistband and neck, that fits snuggly against the body helping to keep the warmth in and the cold out, I also thinks this makes for a much more flattering fit.

If you are ordering from the Equissimo website then I would confidently say that the colour is true to the picture.  I have particularly liked wearing it to lessons, as I think it’s just that bit smarter. Now I’m not sure if I’m the only one who is like this but when you are wearing a good looking outfit or matchy matchy you instantly ride a bit better!

If you feel good in yourself you feel more confident and that comes out in your riding. I know you’re thinking it’s just a jumper, well it’s not it’s a sparkly dazzling jumper and I love it!

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