Montar Blue Snake Belt RRP £39

Who doesn’t love a lovely belt. Well This Montar Blue Snake belt is like no other, the colour matches so well with my show wear, weather I wear stone breeches or white, Navy Show jacket or grey. I’m not a fan of thin belts, so this one is perfect for me, its not stiff to do up or undo, and the pattern is not over whelming and in your face, but enough so its not plain. It has a silver bit on the keeper which sets the style of even more.

The belt is very well made, with no corners cut in the design or making process and the materials used. For it being £39 I think this a complete steal of the shop. Unfortunately, they only do this belt in Navy, but they do similar ones in other colours. Which I will be adding to my collection very soon.

I have been cheeky and only wanted to use this for Shows as a good belt, but I have ended up wearing this to work and out and about in Jeans, also with all my general riding breeches. As I feel completed naked without a belt on.

One thing I haven’t covered yet is the sizes, I am a size 10 and got the medium which fits great, when I have it on high waisted breeches and trousers I must admit it is on the smallest hole, but I would rather this and puncture more holes when the time comes, then be too small and tight. I could easily get away with putting in another 2/3 Holes without it having to much of an end hanging out the other side.

You can also get matching jodhpur boots to this which also look incredible! That’s if you like to go that extra mile with the Matchy Matchy

Montar Croc Boots RRP £119

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