Montar Excellence Bridle RRP £237

The minute opened my parcel to reveal the Montar bridle I was in love! The leather was really soft which meant it moulded so easily to Bumble’s face. The stitching and detail to this bridle is also beautiful, and just finishes it off, it really does feel a quality piece. I think without a doubt the best thing about this bridle is the fact it’s got not one but four major pressure relieving design aspects. I think my favourite bit of design, that has also been carried out beautifully, is the head piece, it has been designed to be fully adjustable, and you can change the size and the angle to fit comfortably to your horses head shape. Its soft and supple padding sits neatly either side of the poll with this ingenious idea of actually having nothing sitting against the horse’s poll, leaving it free of pressure. Next we have the brown band; it has been shaped in a way that it applies no pressure to the temples or forehead. Again Montar have not only thought about comfort but design as well, the browband itself is super easy to remove so that it can be switched out for a different design, just un-popper the browband at each end and clip the next one on in its place, that simple! Keeping to the head piece, and another favourite of mine, the shaped ear pieces. The part of the bridle that  runs along the back of the ears has been shaped and padded so the it sits comfortably away from the ear so that you get none of that rubbing or digging in you can get with an ordinary bridle. Finally the noseband and flash are connected as one smooth shape that curves in two ways, to avoid the nerves around the cheek bones and the sensitive ones that run down to the nostrils. I think this is actually one of the most important design features to get right; so much research has been done recently in to the tightness of the nose band and flash and implications it has on the horse and the facial nerves. This just shows how far Montar are ahead of the game, to already be producing bridles to avoid this common discomfort. This alone proves this bridle is worth its money and more!

Another fantastic point that needs to be mentioned about the Montar bridle range is that it is all interchangeable. The headpieces and the nosebands can all be bought separately. I did this through Equissimo, they helped me build a bridle that fitted and worked best for Bumble. In this picture he is wearing the monarch head piece and the excellence nose band.

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