Montar Browbands RRP from £65.00

I love my Montar bridles, so when I saw their collection of browbands at BETA last year I knew it wouldn’t be a case of ‘do I need one?’ its more a question of which ones do I need! They have different styles from the mighty browband – which are the ones I have, but also come with a higher number of stones in the passion browband, or for something a little bit different I really like the moonrock browbands.

The leather used is of the same high quality Sedgewick as their bridles and is soft and flexible right out of the packaging, no oiling needed. They have adopted the popper technology so swapping browbands takes seconds and can be done with your bridle on or off your horse.  The poppers even have a cute little montar logo on them which I absolutely adore. They also have a lovely curved shape to them which, as with all montar leather work, is anatomically designed to ensure no pressure or tight points.

I have had many different types of bling browband before and have suffered problems with loosing stones which makes what should be an expensive browband look, quite frankly, rubbish. I am pleased to say that having had a close look at the mountings of the crystals on these browbands they look much more secure than others I have seen. This means the crystals are far less likely to fall out, and I have had one for ‘everyday’ which shows no signs of loosening or damage around the stones even after being used almost daily for a few weeks.

Montar Browband

They come in a multitude of colourways and designs so there is definitely going to be something to suit the colours you use for competition or just because you like it! I know that without a doubt my collection will be growing in the very near future!

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