Montar Competition Shirts RRP from £45 - £54
I adore shirts from House of Montar, admittedly I have previously ridden in my Montar Sara shirt but it started to look tired after bring my only shirt for two years so I treated myself to something a bit different.
Montar Faith Competition Shirt
Best decision EVER! It’s lovely and long so it tucks nicely into your breeches, which is ideal for show jumping. There’s nowt worse than your shirt rising up when you’re riding.
It’s lovely and thick too so you can’t see your under garments underneath, but it still has the technology to keep you cool whilst riding. 
The version I have features a studded neck line which also compliments your jacket, and perfect if you want some bling without the sparkle. Sparkle, lace or plain versions are also available.
Well done Montar, it’s another winner for me 

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