MONTAR Dicte Navy Extra Long Jacket RRP £180.

This coat is literally a lifesaver and I can’t recommend it enough.

As well as being super warm and comfortable it is also fashionable, which I find to be a rarity when it comes to long coats which actually keep you warm and dry!

The jacket is described as water and wind resistant and having worn the coat in howling winds and torrential rain I can vouch for it. One day I had six lessons to teach in the rain and I can honestly say I stayed bone dry and toasty warm. 

Being very tall (5ft 11), I find most “long” jackets are not actually that long. They usually lie just above the knee meaning water drips off into me boots, resulting in wet feet (which is never good!). This coat however finishes below my knee and covers my boots... very happy Laura!

The jacket also has long slits on either side of the back of the jacket which can be easily unzipped making it perfect for riding, keeping the saddle, your legs and the top of the horses back warm and dry… bonus!

If I was to be super critical and had to pick a fault in the jacket, I would say the pockets are quite high. Having said that, the more I wear the jacket the more I am getting used to them being higher (I’m not really sure you can call that a fault, more like me being super picky). That being said, the pockets are nice and deep and are secure with a zip, which is great for your mobile phone.

At £180 I think this jacket is a bit of a bargain and an essential for everyone with winter! 


My favourite thing about this jacket? I love that this jacket is extra-long, super warm and also looks good.

Would I recommend this jacket? Yes 100%, this is by far the best riding jacket I have purchased and does actually keep you warm and dry.

Is this jacket value for money? Yes, this jacket is very good quality and worth every penny.

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