Montar ESS Breeches RRP £114

I rode in these for the first time at The Combined Training National Championship and I have to say, they kept me incredibly cool. They are super flexible too and didn’t disappoint at all, even though they are only part of the House of Montar Essential range.

They have decent sized belt loops too so you so aren’t restricted to what belt you chose to wear which can sometimes be a problem as some breeches have very small belt loops.

I really love the subtle silicone pattern on them are it’s not too ‘in your face’ like some can be. They are not overly sticky either, they just give you enough without taking away all your freedom and movement like other breeches can do.

There is a Montar logo on the thigh too which makes them look top end.  Also, they aren’t see through so you aren’t exposing your undies Which is always a winner in my eyes.

I’ve also noticed that they appear to be water resistant as droplets seem to run away and dry instead of soaking into the fabric - I’m not saying they are waterproof thought so don’t get me wrong. 

They also clean up rather well, after a wash they return back to their shape and they are also gleaming again the next time you wear them.

The only downfall for me is that they are quite long, I’m 5’6 and they do bunch up slightly on my ankles, perfect though if you are a taller rider.

They look super smart and the silicone seat did wonders whilst riding a rather excitable pony! Then again recently they held me in the saddle after Brian applied an emergency stop! 

They aren’t overly priced and you’re definitely paying for their function and not just a name. They also come in a range of different colours, not just white which makes them an all-round pair of breeches. 

Highly recommended in my eyes👌🏼

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