House of Montar ESS Highwaisted breeches RRP £114

Montar ESS high waisted breeches, now it’s coming up to a month since I have owned these gorgeous breeches.

I would like to safely say I have worn these the same amount in a month then I would another pair for a year. So, I really have put them to the test.

So far, I have done the following in them, muck out and other stable work, riding covering flatwork sessions, hacking, jumping and Cross country. (I have even done a bike cycle in them as they are very comfortable)

 So, what I thought.

I love the colour, I’m not one for colour I really like sticking to dark colours, I love my Navy, and grey. But this colour is nice it’s not bright and leery but not as plain as what I have!

So, they arrived as a huge surprised from my Goody Bag. Because they are a new brand for me to wear, I was worried how the fit would be. But First size sent was PERFECT! they are slightly long for me only by an inch, but this does not bother me at all, and it might just be me being fussy with the length. But the High Waist, wow I feel like I have the best body out there when I put them on. They do wonders with making you feel and look skinnier then what you are ha-ha.

 Now they have full silicon seat, which I have a pair of another brand at home, where they are too sticky, and I can’t move in the saddle at all, which puts me off the idea of have silicon again, but these are perfect amount, you still have full movement in the saddle but with the sense of security.  You will see me continuously see me wearing these as they are now my go to Breeches, and I will be soon adding the other colours to my wardrobe!

 Now I must say I haven’t stuck to the instructions to wash them which is advised to wash at 30 degrees and do not tumble dry. I did not notice this till 3weeks into the test. Although I have washed them at 40degrees each time and finished them drying in the tumble dryer and they are completely fine. I would advise with all cloths to stick to the guided washing instructions.

Available in a Wide Range of colours; Beige, White, Plum, green, Black, Grey, Navy, Brown, blue (what I have). They are also available in a standard waist if you do not prefer the traditional high waist.


~ Would I buy these in other colours - YES no hesitation on answering this.

~ Are they Value for money - I believe they are going rate for a Good quality pair of breeches, at £114 I think they are worth every penny.

~ Are they True to Size - YES

~ Would I recommend these - YES

Montar ESS Highwaisted Breeches

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