Montar Excellence Bridle RRP £237

Wow - that’s all I can say. The quality of the leather is just something else, it’s very soft and doesn’t require any treatment before you use it. It’s super smart and the white piping just adds a touch of class.

The ease of changing the browbands is also very much appreciated. They undo with poppers so you don’t need to take the bridle apart to change them, which is a such time saver when you’re riding different phases throughout the day. They take about 30 seconds to swap over, I changed mine whilst the bridle was still on Brian and it was super easy.

A lot of people have commented on how beautiful this bridle is and it fits Brian like a glove. The anatomical headband is cut away behind his ears so there is room for comfort. It was really easy to fit and it misses all of the nerves in Brian’s face. There is a lot of leather to work with so I can imagine it would fit most horses.

The keepers have rubber lining so they stay in place and they aren’t bulky so don’t distract from the streamline appearance of the bridle.

I also found that the leather remains supple even after it gets wet, I recently competed in the rain and the bridle was absolutely soaked. The quality of the bridle was not ruined. I have also noticed that the white stitching has also actually stayed white, even after been used for hacking and competitions, and also after having the leather cleaned.

My only criticism is that the throat lash was rather long on Brian but he is quite dainty but I can’t say if it’ll be the same for everyone else. I had Brian’s shortened by someone local to me and it only cost £5.

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