So I’ve had these breeches for a few weeks now and what better time to trial them in the delightful weather we’ve been experiencing recently.

If you’ve read any of my blogs you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the Montar clothing, so it will come as no surprise that I absolutely love these breeches.

I have spent hours our in the wind and rain, riding, teaching and mucking out in these breeches over the last few weeks and can honestly say they are an essential for anyone’s equestrian wardrobe. 

I’m am extremely fussy when it comes to breeches. I hate anything that is tight and restrictive especially over my knees but these breeches are super comfy and offer plenty of stretch. 

These breeches are wind resistant, water repellent and fleece lined making them perfect for the winter. The fabric is also moisture wicking so no need to worry about over heating while riding or going about your yard duties.  

I absolutely love the fit, the high waist is designed to fit perfect and look flattering (which is always a bonus).

I was slightly worried about washing them as most fleeces can go “bobbly” once washed, but this is yet to happen. Having only one pair means I’m forever washing them as I’m slightly obsessed with them. 

RRP for these breeches is £114, which I think is a complete bargain in comparison to lots of other brands on the market. They are available in five different colours and come with a full silicone seat. 


My favourite thing about these breeches? I love everything about these breeches, I can’t actually find a fault in them. They are perfect for winter!

Would I recommend these breeches? Absolutely, they are an essential for any equestrian wardrobe.

Are they value for money? 100%, dare I say they are actually cheap for what they are? I will definitely be investing in another pair.

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