Montar Molly Breeches (White) – RRP £124

As with all things equestrian, kitting yourself out in decent looking and professional competition wear can be pricey to say the least! I have always compromised, and made sure to buy quality named competition breeches that come at an affordable price, unless I have a birthday or Christmas in the near future and then I usually ask my family to club together to buy some more expensive ones for me! Why? Because I believe that if you want to look the part, then you really have to be comfortable in what you are wearing, so that you can look like a million bucks!! 😊

Having had the Montar Ellen riding breeches for a few months, and really loving how they feel like a second skin (see my product review on them) I was delighted and surprised to find that as part of my goodie bag I was given the Montar Molly breeches, in white for competition wear – How spoiled am I?!

Not only do they look blindingly white – I actually thought I would need to wear sunglasses the first time I wore them, they were so pristinely white, but they are high waisted, for the traditional look, and make me feel like I have THE best body out there, they are also a full seat of Silicone, which I absolutely love, as the stickiness really gives me the edge of staying in the saddle when Sharp has a spook attack, and best of all, if you are any kind of Dressage Diva, like me, the subtle bling in the form of a bit with some Diamante on the hip adds the finishing touch to the professional look that I have always wanted!

Montar Molly Breeches

On the day of my competition, as always I put them on under a pair of leggings, to prevent them being dirtied by Mr Sharp. They fit like a second skin and didn’t add any bulk under the leggings. It was one of the hottest days in August that I was competing and the Yati Material was perfect, the light fabric has strong wicking properties which on a hot sweaty day riding at 1.50 and 2.20pm meant that I stayed cool and dry whilst warming up and competing in a hot Indoor arena, as the fabric wicked away the moisture from my skin! The material was also stretchy and moved and flexed with me, so I didn’t get that uncomfortable feeling of chaffing, or the seam rubbing anywhere – BONUS! As this has been a big issue in the past!

So in summary:

Would I recommend these breeches? Absolutely, 100% I would recommend them, they made me look and feel amazing, kept me in the saddle when Sharp had a spook and I was comfortable in them for the whole day – plus I had a few spectators comment on just how lovely they looked!

What do I love about the breeches? What’s not to love, they are classy, comfortable and cool, which really helped in the hot weather, they make me look like I have the best body going, they made me feel that I looked professional, and the attention to detail with the beautiful subtle bit of bling just tops them off!

Are these breeches value for money? Yes they were an absolute godsend in the heat, wicking away the moisture and keeping me cool throughout my tests, allowing me to focus on my riding rather than feel uncomfortable and sweaty. They made me feel like a million dollars which boosted my confidence and gave me a classy professional appearance, and the full seat of Silicone gave me enough grip in the saddle for those spooky moments, but not too much that I couldn’t move with Sharp when I needed to!

Thank you Equissimo for such an amazing surprise in my goodie bag, I truly am one very lucky lady indeed!! 😊

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