Zoë AKA That Sassy Arab is one of our valued Brand Ambassadors. That doesn't mean that she blindly praises our products. Read below for her honest review of the Montar Molly Breeches that retail with Equissimo for £109.

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 Montar Molly Breeches - That Sassy Arab Showjumping


Previously I used to buy cheaper breeches, but I was frustrated as they used to lose quality after a couple of uses and washes. I had heard lots of good things about Montar and had read fantastic reviews so I splashed out and treated myself to the Montar Molly Breeches from Equissimo.  

As soon as I put them on I felt what I've been missing for so many years, they are practically a second skin, they are cool and light with a full silicone seat, right down to the knees.

The first time I wore them it was raining, and due to their material (Yati an antibacterial and wicking fabric made from bamboo) it kept me dry so they are also showerproof.

As for the silicone seat, it is a subtle horseshoe pattern and definitely keeps you in the saddle as I found out! They stretch in every way possible and they are sized correctly.

My only criticism is that they are slightly long in the leg for me. I am 5'6'' and do have a shorter than average leg. That said it doesn't affect them or how comfortable they are.

The Montar Molly Breeches have to be my favourite pair of breeches I've ever ridden in.

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