House of Montar Monarch Bridle RRP £269
I am absolutely in love with this stunning bridle from Montar! I have been using the bridle for just over one month now and in this time have used it on a few different horses. A warmblood, Connemara and an ex racehorse, it has suited all three in design aesthetically and practically.
Firstly I chose this bridle because of the technology behind the design, yes it is very beautiful but there is more to it than meets the eye. The bridle is ergonomically designed, which to me is super important as I want to make sure I give my horses the tools to work comfortably and without unnecessary pressure.
I predominantly bought the bridle for my 4 year old and I did question whether I should be using this type of bridle on a young horse. After using this bridle instead of my traditional cavesson noseband bridle I am very confident I made the right decision. I believe it is really important to invest in new technology and understand the research behind it. The headpiece is designed so it is adjustable and has a gap to reduce the sensitive parts on your horses neck and ears. My young horse was much happier in the curved  noseband and more responsive to aids.
The noseband has padding around the jawbone and as you can see from the photo the curved design of the noseband – this is to stop facial nerves or back teeth being pressurised by the noseband. The last ‘techy bit’ I want to tell you about is the super browband which is easy to remove as is fitted by poppers!
I love the white piping detail which features in the stitching and subtle detail on the noseband. The bridle is made from Sedgewick Leather, which is super soft and very easy to keep clean. You can use the bridle straight away without oiling as it is so soft. If you love a bit of bling like me Montar have a stunning range of diamante browbands – the picture shows the mighty browband in Aquamarine. There are two other ranges called ‘Moonrock’ & ‘Passion so there is something for everyone.

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