Montar Normandie Bridle RRP £269

I bought the montar bridle for my young horse Cabriolo as I was finding he was increasingly unsettled in his leading brand anatomic bridle. He was reluctant to take the contact and spent a lot of time flinging his head about and shaking.

I decided that I wanted to go back to basics with all his tack as far as possible and saw this bridle at BETA and instantly fell in love. The design has taken into account the comfort of the horse, with its cut back headpiece relieving pressure from both ears and poll.

The leather quality is second to none and is soft and supple with the need for oiling. The stitching compliments the colour of the bridle and all the keepers have a grip lining to prevent them slipping down once in place.

The noseband is engineering genius. It comes as a flash however the clever design of the removable t-piece means it’s easily converted to a standard cavesson without unsightly loops so it’s great for when training may demand the flash or if you need one for jumping.

Montar Normandie Bridle 2 in 1

All the bridles have pop on/off brow bands so changing to one of the stunning blingy brow bands takes just seconds without having to dismantle the whole bridle which is great for protecting them for shows as you can just pop them off and store them safely for next time.

All the montar bridlework can be matched with reins and martingales for the ultimate matchy matchy and they are next on my list of things to buy.

Although not the cheapest price point this bridle is 100% worth every penny for its versatility, attention to detail and ultimately the comfort of the horse. Since buying it Rolo have become much more settled. Takes the contact and seems so much happier in his ridden work.


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