This Polo Shirt is absolutely amazing!!!! I live in polo shirts being out on the yard all day every day and have draws and cupboards full of them! Never before have I come across a shirt that is so comfortable but also looks super smart.

This polo shirt is made of super soft material, and the added lycra makes it really comfy for wearing all day, with no restriction. The material is great for being out on the yard as nothing sticks to it such as hay or shavings.

The collar is lovely as it adds some refinement to the top, and is also super comfy, as there are no rough edges, unlike many other polo shirts whereby the collars end up rubbing your neck. The length of this polo is perfect, not too long but long enough to tuck into your breeches without it pulling back out which is a must for me!

Also, the attention to detail is lovely, the black and white flower design under the collar and the front buttons really brighten up this polo shirt and complement the light grey colour beautifully. This attention to detail, along with the heart design within the Montar logo make this polo shirt suitable for wear off the yard too, I’ve worn mine to many evening meals!

This shirt RRPs at £39.00 and I think that it is super value for money, when comparing to other equestrian brands, many polo shirts are that price, if not more, and I have not found one as comfy or durable as this Montar shirt. The shirt washes really well, still staying super soft and looks brand new! Another benefit in terms of easy care for this shirt is that the ‘buttons’ are actually poppers, I prefer this as often buttons drop off or come loose and then are non-functional, whereas these poppers are a great change, and make the shirt a little more unique!

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