Montar Riding Tights, RRP from £89

I am so in love with my Montar Maddy Silicone Riding Tights from Equissimo; they are extremely comfortable and feel like a second skin. This is my first pair of Montar riding tights and I will definitely be buying some more! I bought the navy and royal blue ones which fit perfectly with mine and Aurora’s competition colours!

Unlike cheaper riding tights that can often feel flimsy and thin, The Montar Maddy Silicone Riding tights are very durable and well made, you can really feel the difference in the material, they are as comfortable as wearing a pair of leggings but feel so much more secure. I will not hesitate to spend more money on a pair of riding tights now I have seen the difference in quality, it really is quite amazing!

They are such an amazing fit, very true to size and they really feel like they keep everything in place and they are so flattering too. They have a fantastic thick waistband which almost feels like you are wearing a belt – just a comfortable one and they have a good sized zip pocket on each side, perfect for keeping your phone and other bits in. They also come with a full grip seat, perfect for keeping you in the saddle! I have washed them several times now and they still look brand new.

I recently rode a 33km Endurance ride in them and I can honestly say I felt so secure and comfortable in them the whole way around, the fantastic sticky bum is great when you are flying around the countryside at speed! I would definitely recommend Montar riding tights, particularly to anyone who spends a lot of time in the saddle like me, these are now my competition tights, and I think I now need a second pair for training!!

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