Montar Riding Tights RRP from £79

Working and riding horse’s day in and day out, I seem to go through Breeches and Jodhpurs so quickly… If it’s not the zips that go then its usually holes appearing in random places from so much wear and tear, and I am constantly looking for comfort – I mean, If I have to ride 5 horses a day come rain, wind or shine, and then tackle all the yard duties as well, I want to feel comfortable!

It’s been years and many brands of breeches tried and tested… some last a few months others roughly a year, and some I avoid wearing altogether as they are just so uncomfortable. However, the Montar riding tights tick all the boxes for me! I have never in all the years of riding and working with horses, felt so comfortable. They fit and feel like a second skin, they have the full seat silicone, which is a must for sitting some of the spooks that get thrown my way, they are made out of high-quality material, and they look fabulous! I absolutely love them!! The material is breathable and warm for the cooler weather but also they don’t make me too hot on the warmer days! And to top it all off… they are so reasonably priced that I can’t wait to get a second pair for every day use, and – just added to my ever-growing wish list - a white pair for Competition!

Many people over the years have recommended Montar to me when I ask what breeches would be good and would last with all the wear that I put breeches through, and until now I had never gotten around to trying them… However I can safely say that I will certainly be sticking with them as they are everything and more for what I look for in riding wear! 😊

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