House of Montar Sparkle Sweatshirt RRP £59

I’m absolutely in love with this amazing sweater from the always fabulous House of Montar. I’ve quite a few things from them now and they have never disappointed me with their value, quality and style.

It’s definitely not one to be worn round the horses because it’s the most beautiful cream colouring, although I suppose if you really felt it necessary you could easily ride in it too! It’s not a thick or bulky sweater so I think it is great for these cooler spring evenings in the garden and it’s great with a pair of skinny jeans for popping down the pub as well! It’s absolutely perfect for treating yourself to something fabulous if you are like me and tend to buy all of the beautiful things for your horse rather than for yourself.

The sequin design is so much fun. It really Catches the light and is so sparkly! I’m almost 38 will confess that I thought I was maybe a touch too old for sequins and sparkly things, my usual attire being somewhat more reserved and ‘mumsy’ if I’m honest. I need not have worried however as although it’s definitely blingy it’s really not overstated or ‘too much’ and I felt quite comfortable wearing it out and about so I can safely say it is definitely not just for ‘the youth’ of today.

As usual the quality from montar is amazing. It’s soft and comfortable, is Beautifully made and has a great closer fit so it’s not overly baggy and shapeless. It washes well and has come up good as new after a couple of spins in the machine at 20°. I always worry about buying clothing in lighter colours like this because like many people I have a kid and animals at home and worry that it just won’t stand up to everyday life. And no one wants something they can only wear now and then or wear once and find it’s been stained or marked. There’s no such issues with this sweater!

I think this is such a versatile piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down as needed and is a must have for any classy equestrians’ wardrobe, it’s fun, simple, beautiful and eye catching combined with the usual quality of the Montar label.

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