I'm not normally a rider for blingy items I find most sparkly things on the market to be cheap, tacky, a bit over the top and not to mention they are often far too girly for a savage equestrian with a love of rock & roll and DIY. However when I came across pictures of the Montar range on the Equissimo website, of items that not only look so stylish, but also have a nice subtle sparkle I just had to try them out.


I now have two montar sweatshirts in my wardrobe the first being the Amber, in a dark grey colour with a beautiful sparkly star on the front and this Tania sweater is my most recently acquired. It is a much lighter grey (I appear to have a bit of a colour scheme going on here) and features the Montar logo across the chest in a shimmering blue that changes shade depending on the angle and the light.


Both are made from top quality fabric, with a soft smooth outer and a fluffy cosy inner the sweaters are perfect for a chillier days and I've often been seen to jump out of the shower on an evening and rather than putting on my Pj's I reach for a montar sweater to cosy up in front of the fire with a blanket, good book and a glass of wine.


I've also attempted to try them out in the warmer weather we have recently experienced, they are definitely good at retaining the heat that's for sure and so for now they have been exchanged in favour of some of the awesome Montar slogan T-shirts until a cooler days return. The sequins that make up the logo on the front are tightly sewn together making it nearly impossible for them to pull loose and drop off, perfect for the hustling about the yard doing day to day tasks and even on a cloudy day they glint in the light adding a bit of sparkle to your day, whatever the weather.

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