I am a huge fan of the House of Montar. All of their clothing has never failed to disappoint and I’m really keen to get my hands on some more!

I have always found montar to be at the perfect price point for the majority of riders looking for the cross over between high quality and affordable without any compromise on materials or design. And breeches aside, I find that all of their clothing can be worn riding, at the yard, or casually depending on your mood. And this beautiful t-shirt is absolutely no expectation.

The material is super soft and stretchy. Enough that if you prefer a looser fit I would buy your normal size. But if you prefer a more fitted tee then drop down a size. I’ve washed mine probably a million times and there’s been not fading or stretching of the material. It irons in seconds and looks as good as new even after a few months of regular wear.

The stitching and quality of production is beautiful and I believe this is reflected in the way it looks like I’ve already said.

The slogan is so true. I don’t know about you but horses will always come before guys in my life. I think I’m lucky that this is understood and accepted so if you have a guy that does also, definitely keep him

As for wearability I have found its great to ride in, especially in these warmer months and is not at all restrictive. It’s breathable and lightweight which is perfect for the warmer summer days.

I’ve also teamed this up with some skinny jeans and some deck shoes and you’re ready for the pub or day out with no fuss and no drama. And that to me makes this an absolute must have item.

The only question now, is which montar t- shirt do I buy next !!!

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