House of Montar Amy Drape T-Shirt RRP £39.00

Montar ESS High waisted Breeches RRP £114.00

The first purchases I’ve made from Montar have been excellent & they now have a new customer! I have had the breeches for four months & have given them a thorough test. I now work with horses so I as good as live in breeches which means I need high performing & comfortable clothing. These are my first high waisted breeches & I love them, I just wish I had bought some sooner as they are soooo comfortable. I went for the full silicone seat as I do ride young horses & believe the silicone offers more stability in the seat. I find with some brands the silicone is quick to wear, after plenty of washes & use the silicone is still good as new. These are now my go to day to day breeches. I’ve really put them through their paces in the time I’ve had them & they are as comfortable to drive in as they are to muck out & ride in. Aesthetically I love the cut out detail at the back of the breeches on the waist line, loop holes for belts & a good sized front pocket. Thanks to our typical British Summer Weather I have worn these breeches in lots of conditions & temperatures. The breeches are made from Yati which is a strong fabric yet light which is perfect for riding.

For the fashion conscious or if you would rather be comfortable the stunning Amy Drape T-Shirt by Montar is exactly what you need. I love how stylish this t-shirt is, the drape neck makes it stand out from the crowd. The fit is snug but not tight, it is made from super stretchy material which means I can easily roll my sleeves up or wear another layer underneath. To ride in the fabric is light which helps to keep you cool. The breeches & t-shirt look very smart when worn as a pair & together they are my go to outfit.

Are the products value for money? Absolutely! Whether you use them every day or once a week you will certainly get your monies worth.
My favourite thing about the breeches? I love how durable they are for everyday use

My favourite thing about the t-shirt? The design, it looks so so smart!
Would I recommend them? Yes 100%  - I can’t wait to order the t-shirt in pink!


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