Have you ever been wondering through the shops or browsing on line and come across an item of clothing that just has you reciting “OMG that is so me!”?


That was my reaction when I came across the Montar Willa t-shirt on the Equissimo website a few months ago and I just knew I had to claim it as my own. This isn't the first of the slogan t-shirt range I have acquired, Montar just seem to have a fabulous way of explaining 'ME' without me actually having to say a word, and this fabulous 'Horses before Guys' slogan T-shirt explains everything perfectly.


We all sacrifice so much for our horses and I have been known to put them first over everyone and everything in the past much to the detriment of my relationships with partners and friends, but at the end of the day my horses have been with me through the good, the bad and the ugly even when people have not.


I absolutely love the beautiful bold colours of this top (bright pink, red and yellow) they work perfectly with the slogan to create a statement that just screams out, I know what I love!! I opted for the red colour and although I like red and yellow, red is the colour I go for when i'm in the mood to take no crap and say what I think and well, with a phrase like 'Horses before Guys' plastered across my midriff


I would say this top would be a fair indicator and warning sign to anyone within my path on those days. I'm not all so hardcore though the soft stretchy fabric helps to soften my soul and makes this the perfect shirt for cosying up at home with a cup of tea and a good movie....horsey of course.

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