Rebel by Montar Zoey T shirt RRP £29.00


There are many clothing items on the equestrian market that can be worn for leisure around the house or out and about the shops, but not many can be worn to a night on the town.


Recently I took to a new challenge and joined a local band as a lead singer. It was perhaps quite an ambitious move but one I have dreamed of since a child and I've thoroughly enjoyed so far. We were given the opportunity to play at possibly the biggest event of the year in our local town (the World Skiffie Coastal Rowing championships) and I wanted to be sure I was wearing something that not only I would feel comfortable in but also stood out from the crowd and made a statement. Enter the Rebel Zoey T-shirt!


I opted for the black with white Rebel logo, perfect for rocking it out and in a full marquee of over 1000 people the logo could be seen even from the very back when I was up on stage. Being a bit between sizes I opted for the smaller more fitted top but in true Montar style the fabric is giving enough, to allow for freedom of movement, this was well and truly put to the test as I danced and grooved my way round the dancefloor into the early hours of the morning after my performance.


I teamed the top together with the stylish real leather Montar belt bag and I had hands my hands free for drinks and bopping to the music without any worries of loosing my money or phone so I could thoroughly enjoy my night.


I've since worn this top to the yard (it shall certainly be my first choice for our next horseback archery session), down the shops and out socialising and it really is an allrounder, that is now a firm favourite in my wardrobe.

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