Smart Grooming Tail Rake From RRP £23.50

How have I gone all these years without a Smart Grooming Tail Rake, well quiet simply because I wasn’t aware of it but now this is such a major part to my grooming kit. I am not a fan of pulling tails, so I clip and use scissors to give it this affect, which is ok if you already have the clippers out, but it is a lot of effort to do if you just want to tidy up the Tail. 

At my new place we have no electric so getting the clippers out was not an option, at the time Equissimo was doing an offer on the Tail rake, I have it a quick google and I ordered it. When I investigated the Tail Rake I noticed they have different blades, I went for the medium which gives a lovely finish, the fine will give you a closer, shorter finish which is great for show horses. I am now ordering a fine blade too, just so I have this option if needed.

As soon as it arrived I was desperate to give it a go. It was a cold wet day and my hands was freezing, the top of his tail was a jungle where I have left it for 6 months to grow wild.

The Tail rake is the simplest but effective tool I have ever use, it was quick and easy to do, and the results are amazing.

By the Time I would have got my clippers out and set them up to clip his tail I would of already of done it with the tail rake.

I got the medium head, but if you want a closer finish you can go to the fine head.

If you haven’t got one, and you really should invest in one you would not be disappointed.

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