Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage RRP £109

For a while now, I have been looking at replacing my flexi stirrups for a pair of dressage stirrups, but had no clue where to start looking! There are so many stirrups on the market these days that everyone is raving about, but having followed a few of the Equissimo Brand Ambassadors on social media, before becoming a Brand Ambassador myself, I came across the Tech Stirrups range.

What was I looking for in a stirrup? Well I need stability and security in the saddle, as Mr Sharp can be extremely Spooking, and not just in a Jump sideways kind of way, more of a Violent 180 degree spin kind of way, which his old race trainer in South Africa aptly named his “Duck & Dive” move! Whenever I have to sit this move, I tend to lose 1 if not both stirrups!

Another quality that I look for in a stirrup, is comfort. I have suffered in the past with Knee pain, and have always found the normal steel stirrups didn’t have the shock absorbing qualities that the flexi stirrups offered, which is why I moved to them 3 years ago, however the flexi stirrups didn’t offer the security and stability that I needed, hence I was on the lookout again!

The Tech Stirrup range offer a Dressage stirrup in Black or Silver, known as the Aphrodite. They caught my eye as when I read a review on them, I found this:

“The Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Stirrup is a premium  stirrup that improves lower leg stability. It does this by having a greater concentration of weight in the footbed of the stirrup.”

Just what I was looking for, but were they a gimmick? I took a leap of faith and bought a pair, and I am so glad that I did! Not only are they lightweight and beautiful to look at, they really do offer lower leg stability and security in the saddle. Having had them now for a few weeks, and have tested them in all situations, and sat some impressive spooks, not once did I lose my stirrups.

Whilst schooling I have felt much more balanced, my lower leg stays still and in the correct place, not moving around all over the place as they have been doing with the flexi stirrups. They are super comfortable on long hacks too, and not once have I felt any semblance of knee pain! Bonus!!

So in summary:

Would I recommend these Stirrups? Yes, Absolutely I would, they offer security and stability of the lower leg whilst riding, the treads are super grippy and comfortable and wide enough to feel supported whilst not feeling too bulky!

What do I love about these stirrups? The attention to detail is amazing! I love the fact that they are clearly marked Left and right with a directional arrow pointing which way is forward!

Are the stirrups value for money? 100% yes! They are lightweight but give you the support and balance needed. They are on a par if not less money than the flexi stirrups, yet have so much more to them, and best of all they are eyecatching!!

Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Stirrups

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