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The Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Stirrup is the number one best selling stirrup here at Equissimo. It retails at £99, and can be viewed here

Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Stirrup

While there is no replacing hard work, expert advice and repetition and training to achieve a balanced seat and stable lower leg in the saddle, there are products that claim to help you achieve it. The Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Stirrup is one of those products. Below we talk through the features and benefits alongside the disadvantages to see if this stirrup is the one for you.

The Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Stirrup is a premium  stirrup that improves lower leg stability. It does this by having a greater concentration of weight in the footbed of the stirrup.

The lightweight stirrup is made entirely of aluminium The stirrup does not use a traditional rubber grip, this stirrup has a molded aluminium tread to provide grip (this is reflected across the whole Tech Stirrups range). We found this grip exceptional without being restrictive. It is worth noting that the tread is quite sharp and care should be taken around products that easily scratch.

Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Stirrup TreadTech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Tread

The stirrup is designed to sit on a slight angle helps encourage your leg into a stable position. It also has the benefit of making your stirrup easy to reclaim should you lose it. We found the lay of the stirrup worked well from both a performance and comfort perspective, with an old ankle injury that often aches with other stirrups didn't bother us at all when using these stirrups.

The stirrups are made in Italy and as such are sleek and stylish as you would expect, available in black and silver, both styles look fantastic with the Tech Stirrups logo visible but discreet on the side. Both colours are popular with our customers, with the black having sold slightly more. They have the added benefit that they can be used with traditional stirrups.

After multiple uses the stirrups look brand new, they have been treated to ensure they look good for longer than traditional stirrup but for £99 we would expect that to be the case.


Overall we fully recommend these stirrups. They offer exceptional lower leg stability and help you sit quietly in the saddle and to refine your aids. They can be used in conjunction with matching spurs from Tech Stirrups for that popular matching look. Due to the sharpness of the tread which is a key part of their performance we recommend either removing the stirrups immediately after riding or using a stirrup sock.

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