I have been riding in tech stirrups for over two years now & have just invested in a second pair. Did I need to replace my old ones? No they still look and perform as good as new. Did I have to have them in rose gold? Yes I absolutely needed them!!

Tech stirrups are now a staple item of my equestrian wear, they are comfortable, hard wearing & out perform any others I’ve used. If I ride other horses I always take my pair of tech stirrups with me as I really struggle to ride in other stirrups now. I find stirrups with any flex in them very uncomfortable as my ankle twists in them. I have a particularly weak ankle due to a fall (embarrassingly out of a pair of high heels not off a horse) so comfort and design is very important to me. I can ride several horses in my own tech stirrups & not feel sore at all. It was only when I started to ride other people’s horses in their own tack I really appreciated my techs!

The stirrups themselves are super lightweight as they are made entirely from aluminium. The tread which is popularly known as the cheese grater design has been manufactured by tech to be long lasting. I can vouch for this as I have owned a pair since June 2017, ride in them everyday & have barely warn the tread. The stirrup leather loop has also been designed to keep the stirrup in a position to enable you to reposition your foot easily should you loose it! Again I can vouch for this mostly due to riding very sharp horse’s, I very rarely loose my stirrup as the grip helps keep a good position & secure lower leg. If I do loose my stirrup I’m able to find it again super quickly. The only negative with this is if I’ve forgotten to take my tech stirrups to ride another horse I struggle to get my foot in a normal iron as they are generally flat against the horse’s side but you can’t blame the stirrup really! 

Aesthetically the stirrup is beautiful. I have had so many compliments on how gorgeous the rose gold colour is. The tread is still silver which breaks up the rose gold & keeps it looking classic. I personally love pink & it’s very nice to have a gorgeous design with the technology. I honestly can’t recommend these stirrups enough and have converted a few friends to them after lending them my own! If you’re thinking of buying a pair you will not be disappointed. 

Summary - 

Are they value for money? Absolutely yes, they are very competitively priced against other high end stirrups & in my opinion out perform them. They also age gracefully. 

Would I recommend them? 100% yes I wouldn’t ride in other stirrup irons 

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