Kentucky Horsewear Colour Edition Saddlepad RRP £53

I cannot resist purchasing green saddlepads… but this pad is by far the best one I have bought! The sizing is fantastic and fits a variety of my horses from my 14.1 Trotter X to a 16.2. Lots of saddle pads I have purchased in the past do not offer any form of cushioning unless they are super thick and therefore change the fit of the saddle. However the Kentucky pad has a ‘springy’ feel to the material that cushions to provide optimum comfort without compromising the fit of any tack.

I often event more than one horse/pony out and about and have to pack a few saddle pads for all the different phases and ponies. However I find the material on this pad very quick drying. This means a quick air for the pad between phases and I can pop it straight back on and go again! It also means it dries quickly after a wash. Result!

And on the note of washing the pad… that is also super easy! I have already washed the pad twice in the washing machine and the colour hasn’t faded or gone ‘flimsy’ and shrunk in the corners.

Despite the fact that the pad does not have any D-ring attachments at the front I find it doesn’t slip either. This is a huge bonus if like me you’re often pushed for time (or you just hate having extra attachments to do up all the time). 

All of the above combined with the fact it doesn’t even rub my very sensitive Thoroughbred mare speaks volumes for the quality and durability of this pad. It always gets complimented and admired when out competing or at clinics/lessons. It really is worth every penny and is competitively priced!  

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