As social media becomes the main stream for communication, it is key to remember not to get sucked into the realistic of it. It is a place to escape reality and create your own perfect world.

When you are looking through social media it is hard to not think how perfect people’s lives are, because they may only show the perfect horse, the perfect tack, the perfect body. This is only a portion of the story. You will find some bloggers are now starting to post the bumps they go through. And some will always turn all negative experiences in to positive ones, I do always try and take a positive out of any negative that happens, and I’m not ashamed to say if we have had a bad day, but I like to reflect on the things that was good, or what I can take away from it.

I know I have looked at some Instagram or Facebook pages and thought, I wish I had what they have, or I wish I could do that. And the green eye monster comes out. I know we have all been there, but then we have always been the other end where we have double thought about posting a picture or thought oh I wont post that as it shows how rubbish my position is, or how naughty my horse is etc or that I haven’t got the nicest top range equipment. But at the end of the day – this is now become the normal.

Everyone should have a good break away from Social media, I like to take this advantage when I am away or doing something non horsey to enjoy life and not have to worry about comparing yourself to others.

My message to you today is “Don’t Compare yourself to other or their work – just do your thing”