There is nothing worse than having a rubbish ride. The last outing we had a couple of weeks ago was a Combine Training at 100, it was our second time out doing a combine training and our first time at this height. I came out the dressage and thought it was completely awful, I was on my own so I had no one to support or encourage me, I honestly don’t think it could of gone any worse, Bailey didn’t put a foot wrong, although it felt like he had no concentration on me and only on the surrounding around him, this is my fault as we have been lacking lessons recently.

A quick jump off and straight over to the jumping, it started to rain – which is never good with me and Bailey, but luckily it stopped before we went in. I daren't walk the course as I would of pooped my pants with the height and width of jumps, and Bailey makes his own mind up on how many strides he wants to put in so I can never rely on what its actually set up for, We had one pole down and I missed the last jump, don’t ask how I missed the last jump as I rode straight past it too, I think I was just done for the day and wanted to go home.

I was really de-motivated with the day, and I felt like I never wanted to go out and compete again and what’s the point of it. Normally regardless what happens I walk out and take all the positives from the day, of what went well, what I could have done differently, what I need to work on, but this is the first time I’ve felt like a bad outing has made me feel like giving up.

Although when I got home had time to go through videos and scoring. It wasn’t that bad at all. If I didn’t forget the last jump I would of came 2nd! So just because it feels like rubbish, and that it didn’t go smoothly, sometimes it is all in your head.

So now I know a few things… 1 try and get as many videos as possible when riding weather its competing or training, this can really help, 2 try get company as any moral support even if they are not horse riders really helps your perspective

Since then and now, I have had some amazing sessions with Bailey and looking forward to our next outing 😊