Have you got a bucket list of what you want to do with your horse! If you haven’t then I challenge you to do one. I have already completed 2 things on my list, which is take him to the beach – it was a first for both of us back in 2018! And I completely loved it! I’m gutted I never have done this sooner with any horse, but I would highly recommend doing it! It’s an all-round great experience, playing in the water, strolling along the beach having a good old blast and spending time with people and horses you love <3

The other thing I have completed is taking Bailey eventing, I bought bailey to event, I have never evented before or even groomed for a friend for eventing, so of course I kept putting this off as it was all new to me, I felt too old to learn about it and go and do it. But what I realised is you are never too old to do it and you certainly are not going to get any younger! So, if you wanted to compete in a new discipline – then what are you waiting for – go out and do it!

As expected I do have other activities, I am working towards on my bucket list, for me it might be a one off experience or I might find I like a lot and want to take it up more, but who knows until you try it. So I would really want to do an arena eventing this winter, so if you already do this and are near – give me a message I would love to go with someone, try side saddle – for this I have not looked into it much but I feel this would be more of a one off experience to tick of my list, a big one on my list which I have always wanted to do and that’s take him on a getaway break – this would be UK based I have not yet looked into options but would love to do this before I get to X old even if it’s a long weekend away training or a long weekend relaxing with the family. I have been l kindly offered by a friend in Devon that Bailey can stay at hers to help me achieve this. I do a puppy/mock hunt – I have always put this off and I use the excuse “it will blow his brains” but I will never know unless I try it I think it would give him a confidence boost. I know the hunt I would attend to, and the best thing about this is it starts on the farm next door to our house! So if I do decide I didn’t like it, or Bailey starts to act like a muppet I can easily go home. I am also hoping this will teach me some routes where I live to! So Stay tuned to later on the year for an update on this!

Are you accepting the Equestrian Bucket List challenge? 

Whats on your list?