Getting an equal balance of life and horses is very hard, you rather do not have to do much with the horses, or you are doing so much with the horses you don’t have time to have a life, now this is where I struggle to get the healthy balance, I am rather all 100% horse or I’m 100% life.

So now I have recently planned my month and broken my time equally between the two, if I have a busy horse weekend, then I ensure that I have a weekend to myself that month, but its also getting the time where you have a lazy day, where you can actually sit down and relax with no plans. I live in my diary, so this is the best way I plan what I am doing with myself, with Bailey Training and days off, and when I have booked work off, as something I would do is turn up at work forgetting I booked the day off if I didn’t have it written down. 

Now even with the horse days it doesn’t mean I have to school school school, I break this down to just spending time with Bailey, Grooming and bonding and doing bits around the stables, because even though I would be doing bits on the yard, he would still be with me helping me and being nosey nudging me with what I’m doing and wanting to get involved.

Its also good for the soul to enjoy a bit on me time, on my relationship and life, having time away from the horses and enjoying life, as it goes very quickly, and you never know what’s around the corner.

Its easy to have a break with them in the back garden and of course it being summer time, but I wonder how my plans will change in the winter…Winter is normally when I like to hibernate from Horses and life until the evenings get light again. But this year I have to be really motivated and carry on riding!

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