Everyone loves pictures, I know I certainly do, even if your horse is not in the perfect outline or tracking up fully or even being a complete twit, don’t delete them, in months/years’ time they are awesome to look back on and to see how far you have come.

I have recently done this with my Dressage from our first dressage test in 2017 till 2019. Although in this time scale he had a fair amount of time off, but it does show that training and having lessons really pays off.

As they say, “a picture says a thousand words”, but it also shows the time, dedication and effort we put in and how much we appreciate horses.

And who does love an age progression picture, and from first ever time jumping your horse or riding your horse to now! When I look at first ever sitting on Bailey how small he was to now, it’s incredible how much they can change shape. 

Horse trainingHorse trainingHorse training