Now I have been doing this and advertising this on my page for 3 years, and every year I say I will continue this and do this once a week but to this day I still haven’t! Although I have done a bit more bareback riding which I suppose counts in a way!

What level Rider is this aimed for?

For ALL level riders! It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or top International rider this is key for all riders.

Why is it key to do no stirrup work every now and then?

This really helps in many ways to develop and strengthen your core balance and even confidence. If you are not balanced how can you help your horse be balanced. This also helps your position when riding so If you find yourself tipping forward (my biggest fault is I hunch forward), or event if your legs tip forwards or back and the big help this achieve is helps your balance while riding.

Will it hurt?

Well if you haven’t done this is a very long time or haven’t done this before, I am not going to lie you will certainly ache the next day! But you have to push through this as the results really will be worth it.

Do you do No Stirrups for every Ride?

No is the simple answer to this, you certainly don’t want to go out competing with your stirrups and depending on your horse some will not want to hack out or jump without too, my main goal is to stick to flatwork without them. Every horse is different, and you will need to accommodate to them, I always advise everyone to warm up In all 3 gaits with your stirrups getting you both warmed up for the exercise. If your horse is having a bad day then there is no harm to postpone the No Stirrup’s until the next day. There will be nothing worse then doing the exercise when your horses mind is not on the same page – but don’t start using this as an excuse

And don’t forget to have a lovely hot bath that day this will help your muscles recover 😊