So over the past few months a lot has gone on in my life.
I'm not usually one to broadcast everything personal online but i think there needs to be some sort of recognition with in the equestrian community that sometimes life happens and its ok to take a break. 
A few months ago I split with my ex, without going into detail it had been on the rocks for a long time. 
It was all very stressful and I put a lot of stress on my self to get moved out, tend to the horses, spend time with my dogs and working fulltime. 
I found my self feeling super rubbish about the fact that my horses had near 2 months of any proper work, they don't look their usually shiny groomed selves everyday and i generally felt like i was neglecting them and always rushing. 
A new house just me and the dogs meant that I couldn't leave them to long until they had settled and I generally have just been feeling like a needed a little me time, to get organised and take some time out, have a break. 
Referring back to my older post about bullying which is available to read on Equissimo's brand ambassador page this is something I have seen occur over the years.. things happening in peoples lives and others poking their noses in that such and such isn't spending as much time with their horses. 
We shouldn't feel bad about it.. 
Whether you have personal issues going on, having a baby, illness, family things, work and anything else that may mean you need to take some time out and give your horses a break you shouldn't worry. 
As long as our horses are cared for and have what they need do they really care that they are being ridden/worked/groomed everyday. No, I know mine don't care and they are actually enjoying a break after a busy summer competing they are benefiting from some time to be a horse before winter gets here. 
We all have to take some time for our selves to take care of us and our mental health. This is something very close to my heart, Equissimo's and in my work on a daily basis. 
After having a few months I now feel better than ever, loving life back to my old self and raring to go. I am looking forward to getting Finn fit again and going to some winter dressage. My mojo is back! Even though when things got tough I wondered if it ever actually would but just taking the time to re-evaluate everything in my life has made me come back stronger than ever. 
So to anyone feeling a little down at the moment and struggling to find the time don't put pressure on your self its good to take some time out.