Novice Bronze Petplan Area Festival qualification = DONE 

First up was N39.....Disaster 🙈
The Sat Nav can’t have been charging over night as on the first movement (4 loop serpentine) I made a HUGE error in accuracy and ended up riding for 5 loops instead of 4. It’s amazing how many loops you can fit into a long arena when you try!
Long arena schooling practice is clearly needed.

This derailed us a touch as we then cantered, cantered and cantered some more in our medium trot. This was followed up nicely by a lovely jog (that came out of nowhere!) in our free walk.

We then both settled into it and pulled it together for the second half. A couple of 8’s and a lots of 7.5’s boosted our overall % so in the end we ended up on 68.2% (1st in Bronze, 3rd overall). Chuffed!

N24 was up next. 
I was BEYOND thrilled with this one! 
Yes we fluffed up our medium trot again with another canter and our stretchy trot wasn’t really that stretchy but the bulk of it was pretty good.

Not a world beating score on paper 65.2% (1st in Bronze and 2nd overall) but no one could wipe that smile of my face. It’s been a while since we’ve done a test where I felt like he was with me pretty much the whole way through!

If you’ve a spare 7 minutes and 46 second do feel free to give our little video of the day a watch.

Although please do bare in mind that..

• I’m by no means a natural in front of the camera. I’m not even entirely sure where I’m supposed to be looking?! The vain side of me wants to look at myself but I’m potentially thinking it’s the camera lens 🤷🏼‍♀️

• Rem is even more camera shy than myself! I’ve come to the conclusion he possesses a special skill. So instead of getting frustrated when he won’t pose like a pony on a painting, embrace the fact he can put his ears flat back on command and pull the face of someone who’s just lost their childhood pet, the moment any phone/camera is put in front of him.


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