Chester Hall Area Festival

So very PROUD of Remmi today 💗

On paper it wasn’t a world beating score; 65.83 and 10th (just about scraping through to the second rounds!) but it has been longer than I can remember since we felt truly ‘together’ in a test environment. I nearly burst into tears of joy when we finished!

The competitive side of me was absolutely GUTTED when I saw our mark. Let’s just say a rather wide range of marks were used; 67.95%, 66.85% and 63.2% from the 3 judges. Total Marmite day, you either loved us or hated us 🤦🏼‍♀️

We won’t let the bad dominate the good!
Today we finally felt like team again. He put the BIGGEST smile on my face and that feeling is worth more than any result 🖤

Bring on the next rounds, we’ll be ready

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