After the success of going barefoot on my hind hooves, I've been pestering she who feeds to arrange the same for my front ones too šŸ˜Š

I couldn't understand why I've been waiting so long for my next pedicure. Then said human tells me that ALL the appointments she made for me over the last month, with both the farrier and barefoot trimmer had been...... Cancelled!!! HOW RUDE šŸ˜’šŸ˜’ I mean come on humans Wtf, my front hooves are beginning to turn into shovels and my shoes are no longer shoes but freaking flip flops šŸ™„šŸ‘”šŸ™„

I should have kept my mouth shut though as next minute she comes out the stables with some farriers tools and some giant fella that resembles a body guard (he's actually the owner of my fwend Henry horse, but still šŸ˜‚)
Next thing he grabs mi leg, and she starts ripping out the nails out of my hoof. Well I didn't know whether to squeel like a girl and run for the hills or freeze and stay very very still, whilst hoping and praying she didn't chop my whole foot off šŸ˜³šŸ˜³šŸ˜³

I went for the second option as let's face it anything was better than humpfing these metal plates round any longer šŸ˜‰ Let's just say it took them double... No treble....the amount of time that it would have taken a professional, but all four feet are still in tact and I feel surprisingly more comfortable than I thought I would.

So that's it guys I'm now 100% BAREFOOT lemme here a Woop Woop! šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜


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